Thursday, November 3, 2011

nov3 gratitudes

1. taking time to listen to a phone conference on gratitudes
2. grateful for grind fresh coffee; banana and orange juice
3. G went to school even if he has a cold now. (he it trying). resting a lot too when he took off yesterday. I know he'll get better; with good food; and sleep and resting.
4. I'm working even though I have a cold; and even lugged home groceries. I made sure to take naps too yesterday. I know I'll be fine in a few more days.
5. Totally grateful that even though I get fear based because G. had the shingles and the effects are lingering; I know in my heart he'll be fine; he has his appetite back and gained some weight. What an ordeal.. and I'm grateful I'm staying as calm as I can.
6. grateful for the phone calls I got yesterday that made me concentrate on other things..
I did not complain on them.. enjoyed the people I know and love.
7.Whew.. grateful that older children are doing great.
8. Totally grateful Peter spent hours and hour fixing my sink; with new pipes; my other sink he tighten so no bucket is needed underneath; the glass could be put back in place and screen removed in door so the house is warmer; the main door locks are fixed; jammed gone..
and he told me on the phone he made out of wood; veneer 2 wooden bottoms for both interior of the vanities. Too sweet.  I can not see when I'm not well; but I'll see him in time and he'll put in the bottoms .. a good man after all.