Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wed grats

Cool job getting a practically free 38.00 watch (only spent 4.00 of my own $$) assignment on Broadway.

Enjoy some restaurant jobs for a quick healthy organic bite and lingered in one talking to another woman dining alone too.

Two spiritual meetings today went interesting in Manhattan too.

I had to use the restroom on Broadway and stopped off in a 3 floor Toys R Us.. what a blast.. wind up buying a little magic toy for G. (who was bored of it since he is 15.. lol). I had fun with it. :) This store was fun...a gigantic 15 foot movin dinosaur.. t-rex and a two story high barbie doll that customers could enter; and on and on... amazing store.. the grown ups look like they were enjoying it more the children.. (giant ferris wheel that was in the front that was as high as all 3 floors (which was extremely high each floor).

Only in Manhattan and just for fun..!! The toy was only 5.00.. no major expense.

Past Bryant Park and they are preparing a whole village for the holiday season; even a porch with swings.. took a swing on one for a bit.. looking at the sky around the massive trees .. what a site.. 

Today was a GOOD DAY; ..

I just talked to my sponsee who needed help; and she seemed at peace after the hour + phone back is good. 

And P>B.. is coming to my house for dinner this SAT.. right from work; so he can fix my front door and shower....

He called twice already this week...........after out romantic fancy dinner date of last Friday.. 

The passion between us has Blossomed; but he just fun to be with too...........and sweet now; and I wish he was just like this last summer; and we would have gotten along... instead of acting like a dumb handsome hunk...

He is not dumb; and not just a hunk; and has feelings... and not a joker after all.......... I think deep down he used that sense of humor because he was shy... with women... !!

We got off on the wrong foot august 2010......and then from april 2011 until now.. now seeing him two weekend in a row; and not once a month; and skipped last month..

He even said to tell him what else I want fixed... whew.. now he is making an effort to want to do things for me.. (the dinner; and so forth).. 

He wore me down the other month asking me to cook for him; and then not being able to go home; since he drank too much.. he really wormed his way into my house;...and now my heart too..

And it does not hurt that he is dropdead handsome at 51.. more than anyone ever dated; which was annoying to be honest... he is too cute.. for 51..........way too cute..

I'm just going to enjoy; and if it does not work out;........well it does not........people are unpredictable;.. you have to just be happy inside anyway............others have their own inner workings.. ... all I know is that I always enjoyed him; and now he is acting more mature................and the passion grew too. He is not saying dumb irritating things to get on my nerves.. he is acting mature.

I'm making steak and shrimps since i asked last week what his favorite meal was..and he quickly said that while we were dining out... thank him for doing the repairs... !! (which he insisted he can eat anything...too sweet; and not for me to spend too much $$). Wow, sweet.. he is showing concern for me now in that way too. Something is different with him.. (??). He likes me; maybe he always did....?